Very Informal Pistol League (VIPL) Format

  1. Eligibility of Competitors
    1. All competitors must be a member in good standing of club sponsoring the team
    2. Competitors may participate in one or both Equipment Classes
    3. Shooting may be done in groups of competitors or individually, at the club range or elsewhere.
  2. Equipment Classes
    1. Rimfire
    2. Centerfire
  3. Official Targets
    1. NRA B-6(P)
  4. Shooting Positions
    1. Ready Pistol Position
      1. Pistol in Hand
      2. Muzzle down (angled toward bench)
    2. Firing Position
      1. Standing
      2. One or Two Hand Hold, Unrested
  5. VIPL Course of Fire (Note: same pistol for all stages, no mixing of equipment)
    1. Slow Stage
      1. 5 shots
      2. 2 Minutes
      3. 15 yards
    2. Timed Stage
      1. 5 shots
      2. 20 seconds
      3. 15 yards
    3. Rapid Stage
      1. 5 shots
      2. 10 seconds
      3. 15 yards
    4. All stages commence from the Ready Pistol Position (4.a)
  6. Competitors shoot between the 1st and 25th of each month and submit scores to team captains by the 26th of the month. No fee for monthly submissions.
  7. Captains submit scores by end of the month (submit to
  8. In September the John Holt Open is conducted for face to face season conclusion. Range fees will be charged for John Holt Open.

  9. If you have any questions, contact Bob at
    Official Targets for the League competition are in a white pvc tube next to the clubhouse door.
    Smile when you take one, your on security camera

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